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The manufacturer of flags Emtigo Print presents a wide range of products made of the highest quality materials. The offer of our online store includes, among others:

  • advertising flags,
  • tripoders,
  • various types of advertising walls,
  • posters, stands and promotional stands,
  • roll-ups,
  • x-banners and advertising banners,
  • leaflet racks,
  • barrier posts,
  • GPC frames,
  • poster strips,
  • printing foils

A universal form of advertising - advertising winders

Among the advertising flags, our customers will find winders in the shape of a wing or a teardrop. We also offer rectangular advertising winders. They are an extremely versatile and functional form of advertising. What's more, in the same category there are pole flags, bases and accessories. It is possible to order a flag with a print selected by the customer, in any size.

Printed flags and pole flags - perfect for special occasions

The printed flag (as well as the flag on the pole) can be used during various occasions - from national holidays to various types of business events, fairs or conferences. The products we offer will certainly be properly presented on a given occasion, effectively attracting the attention of recipients. When creating our products, we want to fully respond to the needs of the dynamically developing market, which is why we focus on a variety of patterns and colors. We care about the precision of workmanship, which determines the very aesthetic appearance of the assortment in the Emtigo Print store. Each advertising flag presents the highest quality.

Advertising flags - fast delivery or personal collection

So, if you are looking for a banner, winder or flag - the manufacturer Emtigo Print is a proven choice. By choosing our store, you receive professional and efficient service, reliable assistance in choosing products and goods that fully meet your expectations. We deliver advertising flags, winders and all other products throughout Poland via courier. It is also possible to pick up the advertising flag in person in Poznań at our company's headquarters. In addition, we provide convenient payment options. Instant online Tpay, traditional transfer and cash on delivery. We execute orders quickly and efficiently. Feel free to contact us and take advantage of our offer!

5 kreatywnych sposobów wykorzystania rollupów w promocji Twojej firmy

Wykorzystanie rollupów w promocji firmy to strategia, która otwiera przed przedsiębiorstwami szerokie spektrum kreatywnych możliwości. Rollupy, będące jednymi z najbardziej uniwersalnych narzędzi reklamowych, mogą znacząco wpłynąć na zwiększenie rozpoznawalności marki oraz przyciągnięcie uwagi potencjalnych klientów. Dziś, przedstawimy inspirujące pomysły na to, jak rollupy mogą stać się kluczowym elementem Twojej strategii marketingowej, otwierając nowe ścieżki dla kreatywności i efektywnego dotarcia do odbiorców.

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Sztuka copywritingu w projektowaniu roll upów: Jak skutecznie przekazać przesłanie?

Copywriting to sztuka tworzenia przekonujących tekstów o charakterze reklamowym. W zastosowaniu do rollupów skuteczny copywriting ma kluczowe znaczenie, gdyż dobrze napisany tekst potrafi skupić uwagę odbiorcy i skłonić go do działania. Przedsiębiorstwa wykorzystujące potencjał reklamy mogą wyróżnić się na tle konkurencji, co pozwala skutecznie pozyskiwać fanów oraz klientów.

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Advertising stand at the point of sale: How to increase sales through effective product presentation?

The sales funnel is the foundation of every company's marketing strategy, helping to understand and optimize the process of transforming potential customers into loyal buyers. In the context of a point of sale, an advertising stand plays a key role, constituting not only a physical place for product presentation, but also an important tool influencing customer purchasing decisions. Effective presentation of the product on an advertising stand can significantly contribute to increasing sales by engaging the customer and effectively guiding him through the individual stages of the funnel. Today we will focus on how a strategically designed advertising stand at the point of sale can become a powerful marketing tool, maximizing the chances of sales success.

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Top 10 Creative Roll Up Designs: Inspiration for Your Business

In a world where the market is flooded with endless ideas and initiatives, it is difficult to stand out and attract attention. Appropriate rollup design plays a key role, offeringnew perspectives and solutions to constantly evolving challenges. Today we will look at how advertising products, and above all rollups increase the visibility of your brand

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Visual impact and color psychology in the design of roll-ups and advertising stands

Stand and roll-up advertising are two of the most common forms of visual promotion. Many companies use them to attract the attention of potential customers and effectively convey advertising content. However, a key aspect, often underestimated, is understanding color psychology in the process of designing these advertising tools.

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Advertising stand vs Roll up: Which one will attract customers' attention better?

Advertising is important for every business. What to choose – roll up or advertising stand? This question is asked by every company that has presented its offer at least once at a fair or exhibition. Today we will look at how advertising products influence the attention of potential customers.

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Fabric walls
Creating unique trade fair stands - secrets of success

Industry fairs are a place where brands have the opportunity to present themselves in their full glory. Considering the digital revolution and the saturation of the market with online advertising, traditional promotion methods are becoming more and more important. A trade fair stand that is both attractive and functional can become the key to establishing new, valuable business relationships. However, to achieve this goal, it is worth trusting proven solutions - such as systems from Emtigo.

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Advertising flags
Company flag - how to choose the right design and material?

Company flags play an extremely important role in creating the image and identity of a brand. In the business world, where every detail counts in building trust and recognition, these flying symbols become a powerful communication tool. By representing the values, mission and vision of the organization, they perfectly strengthen its presence in the minds of recipients. Proper design, well-selected material and precise location can make a company flag one of the key elements of any company's marketing strategy.

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How does advertising affect the brand? - 5 key features

Nowadays, brand advertising is an integral part of every company's strategy. The advertising possibilities are enormous, and Emtigo is one of the leaders in this field providing comprehensive business solutions. Thanks to advertising products, you can not only have a real impact on the brand's image, but also increase its visibility against the competition. Let's take a look at how advertising affects the brand and what you, as an owner, can do to effectively promote your company.

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Fabric walls
Advertising stand and promotional stand: your key to effective advertising

Have you ever wondered how to effectively use an advertising stand and promotional stands to promote your business? In the era of digital marketing dominance, we often forget about the value of traditional forms of promotion, which still have a lot to offer. They will work regardless of whether you run a small business or manage a large corporation.

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How to design a roll up that will attract customers' attention?

Have you ever wondered how to design a roll up that will attract customers' attention? Rollups are a promotional tool that allows you to distinguish your brand, product or event from the competition. Its effectiveness depends not only on placing the logo and advertising slogan promoting the company on the banner. Learn how to create a roll-up design that will really attract attention and encourage customers to be interested in your offer.

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Are you looking for effective advertising accessories for companies? Are you wondering whether to choose a roll-up, a textile wall or flags? The manufacturer Emtigo Print will provide you with professional service and reliable assistance in choosing the right product. By using our services, you can be sure that the advertising product you buy will fully meet your expectations. Importantly, you can buy all our products without having to leave, thanks to fast delivery via courier. We also give you the opportunity to personally collect the solutions you ordered in Poznań at our company's headquarters. At Emtigo, we care about your convenience, which is why we provide convenient payment options — instant online Tpay, traditional transfer or cash on delivery – you choose! We complete ordered orders quickly and efficiently. Please contact us and take advantage of our offer!





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